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Therapy Tree, LLC is a private, family-owned and operated, multi-disciplinary pediatric therapy practice.  As a premier provider of pediatric therapy services, we offer occupational therapy, speech therapy and related services.

As THERAPISTS, we understand the importance of evidence based treatment.

As PARENTS, we understand the importance of having positive and caring therapists to provide personal and individualized treatment to each child and education to each family.

We utilize clinical reasoning and evidenced-based interventions to design individualized, therapeutic plans.  These plans enhance your child’s ability to perform the daily activities of life.  We make every effort to create therapeutic programs that are both enjoyable for your child, through fun activities that impact their learning by increasing their abilities and self-esteem.

Together we can build a foundation for your child so that they can participate in their childhood and reach their fullest potentials.

Growing Healthy Bodies and Minds

A child at play is a child at work. Out Therapists will help your child improve their abilities to perform their job with confidence.

For more information about our pediatric services, please contact us.

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